Herbert Samuel


Herbert Samuel Royal Shangri-La Eilat

Take in the charm of the colorful and fascinating Far East.

Combine local touches: the turquoise bay, palm trees, and the infinite beach,

Add the indulgences and luxuries served by skilled hospitality professionals, and you’ve got paradise on earth: Shangri-La.

True to its name, the Herbert Samuel Royal Shangri-La Eilat makes promises and keeps them:

Picturesque sea views from every angle, mouthwatering culinary experiences, luxury rooms and a great desert mountain view towering above.

Prepare yourself for a blissful sense of peace and tranquility—one you have not felt for a long time.


The hotel is inspired by the luxury resorts of East Asia.

A smart and delicate balance between luxury and effortless comfort,

Includes accommodation units next to secluded villas, located on the mountainside, facing the Red Sea.

Each villa has a private swimming pool surrounded by sunbathing and relaxation areas, a seating area, luxurious bedrooms and a pampering bath.

The guest lounge is open to hotel guests only and serves light, delicious meals, hot drinks, and a rich selection of alcohol, at all times of day.

For reservations: +972-3-5197112 | *2505
Hotel’s Phone Number: +972-8-6360350
Location – South Beach, Eilat

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