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Embracing you with luxury, warm hospitality and personal touch, at Herbert Samuel Hotels we’ll do everything to make you enjoy every minute with us.
Location. That’s where our story begins. True, you can stay at any Herbert Samuel hotel and enjoy exclusive facilities and caring service, in an urban boutique atmosphere or in a more pastoral setting. But we believe that a real getaway is so much more. Each of our hotels is surrounded by rich local inspiration to enhance your vacation experience. The energy of the blue sea or the wonder of local history. New and old, spiritual and earthly, business or pleasure.

We invite you to choose the Herbert Samuel that suits you best, so you enjoy every bit of your stay with us and everything around.

Discover Herbert Samuel Luxurious Hotels

∷ South ∷

הבריכה במלון הרברט סמואל הריף אילת


The Reef Eilat Hotel by Herbert Samuel invites you to experience the Eilat paradise at its best. A vacation here is a true escape; an opportunity to take a step back, relax, and enjoy our personal service and a new standard of hospitality.

וילה רויאל עם בריכה פרטית במלון הרברט סמואל רויאל שנגרילה אילת


Royal Shangri-La Eilat by Herbert Samuel is located on the top of the mountain with rooms and villas. Most of our rooms offers a balcony with panoramic views of the Gulf of Eilat, spacious bathroom, smart TVs and luxury furnishings.


Facing an inspiring view, in one of the world’s natural wonders, a rare new hospitality experience comes to life.


The Hod Dead Sea Hotel from the Herbert Samuel hotel chain is located in the northern area of ​​Ein Bock and is located on the shores of the Dead Sea, in the lowest place in the world famous for its natural qualities and unique climate.
The hotel offers 205 rooms, modern villas, designed and equipped to a high standard, facing the magical view of the desert and the Dead Sea.

∷ Centre ∷


Welcome to the Opera Tel Aviv Hotel, a new boutique property, by Herbert Samuel luxury hotel group.


In the heart of Tel Aviv’s promenade, steps away from the beach, we are proud to introduce the new The Herbert. A boutique hotel for people interested in an intimate, urban chic experience, providing exceptional personal service. A place that feels different from the first moment you walk in …

מלון הרברט סמואל אוקיינוס סוויטס הרצליה

HERBERT SAMUEL ​Okeanos Suites Herzliya

Absolute luxury. Panoramic views of the Mediterranean. A true Riviera atmosphere. Exceptional warm hospitality.

מלון הרברט סמואל ירושלים

Herbert Samuel Jerusalem

So many words have been written about Jerusalem – it’s special charm and atmosphere found nowhere else in the world. Just like Herbert Samuel Jerusalem.

∷ north ∷

בריכה מרכזית במלון הרברט סמואל בית בגליל בוטיק


Welcome to Bayit Bagalil by Herbert Samuel, where hospitality and relaxation have risen to an art form. An extraordinary synergy of location, design, and luxury that will make your escape unforgettable.

לקוחות ואורחים יקרים

גם אנחנו, כמוכם, עוקבים בדאגה אחרי המצב הבטחוני הקשה.
לאור כך, רשת מלונות הרברט סמואל תעניק 50% הנחה לכל תושבי ישראל במלונות הרשת הנבחרים.
יחד ננצח!

*כל מלונות הרשת פועלים בימים אלה במתכונת חירום 
*המבצע תקף במלונות, תאריכים וחדרים נבחרים
*לשהיות עד יום ראשון 31.12.2023
*להזמנות באתר במוקד הטלפוני במספר *2505

* החל מ-400 ש”ח ללילה לזוג ע”ב ארוחת בוקר לאחר 50% הנחה במלון דה הרברט תל אביב. לפרטים לחץ כאן

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