Herbert Samuel

Hod Dead Sea


At the site of lowest elevation on Earth’s surface, at the exact point where the yellow of the desert meets the blue of the sea,
lies the new Herbert Samuel Hod, Dead Sea.

Come and witness breathtaking sunrises,  enjoy heart-warming desert hospitality, and make the most of every moment during your time-out.

Comfort and luxury await you at every corner:

A luxurious lobby invites you to relax in one of many enormous, supple sofas, sip a decadent drink, and savor the quiet.

A large, well-designed swimming pool will draw you in for a long dip, facing the mountains of Jordan.

A captivating spa will allow you to disconnect from the noisy world and reconnect with yourself,  in one of the most beautiful architectural complexes in Israel.

The new Herbert Samuel Hod, Dead Sea is located on the shores of the dead sea, with easy and quick access to an adjacent beach.

Come and enjoy a romantic vacation, a private getaway, or an unforgettable family get-together, while opening its gates to events, conferences, and special meetings, as well.

For reservations: +972-3-5197112 | *2505
Hotel’s Phone Number: +972-8-6688222
Location – Ein Bokek Dead Sea

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