Best affordable Price Guarantee Policy

1. General Rules
1.1. The following terms shall have the following meaning as noted.
“The Website”: The company’s website at:  which will provide, among other things, information regarding the Herbert Samuel hotels, the services offered by the Herbert Samuel hotels, prices, deals and more.
“The Company”: Herbert Samuel hotels, which manages, operates, the hotels at the national occupancy rates determined by Israel and/or acting on its behalf and/or all bodies affiliated with it.
 “The Herbert Samuel Hotels” is a list of hotels that is updated from time to time onto the Website and which is hereby involved in the administration, operation, and/or ownership of the company.
“Terms of Service” are the regulations for transactions and purchases conducted on the Website, at the link: .
“User” or “Purchaser”: The Purchaser and/or individual interested in purchasing services through the Website and/or the person that uses or browses the Website.

1.2. These policies are hereby an inseparable part of the Terms of Service.
1.3. These policies are subject to periodic updates and changes from time to time. Therefore, users are requested to return and read them periodically.
1.4. The Company is permitted to terminate, modify, or reduce these policies at any time based solely on its own discretion and without any prior notification, provided that the rights of those who made a reservation before the change was enacted are in no way infringed upon. The Company will in no way bear any responsibility to the User or a third party for any reason whatsoever if these policies are terminated, either entirely or for a limited period of time.
1.5. In cases of uncertainty or contradiction between the provisions laid out in these policies and the provisions of the Terms of Service, the provisions of these policies shall prevail.
2. Company Commitments
2.1. The Company commits to its customers (who will make reservations exclusively through the internet), as stated in these policies, to sell vacations published on the Website and Hotels at the best affordable price possible (including taxes) compared to prices offered by a competing company for an identical vacation (as defined in Paragraph 3.1.3 below) (Below: The “Best Affordable Price” and the “Commitments”) at the time the reservation is made and within 24 hours afterward.
2.2. These commitments are hereby directed exclusively toward to the customers of the Company, who will make their reservations via the internet, without contacting the telephone service center of the Company, and subject to compliance with the conditions specified in Paragraph 2 and Paragraph 3 below.
2.3. In order to avoid any doubt, it is hereby explicitly clarified that the Company does not guarantee that the vacation prices on the Website are lower than prices listed before the date of publication, but rather that they are lower in comparison to prices offered by competing businesses, at the time of the reservation (and within 24 hours thereafter), who are offering an identical vacation deal, only.
2.4. A User who complies with the terms detailed above and in Paragraph 3 below, and locates a vacation with identical conditions and whose price is lower than that of the price published on the Website on the date in which the reservation was made, will have his/her reservation updated.
2.5. Upon updating the reservation, the User shall be issued an updated reservation including the lower price of the two, and will be committed to the purchase.
2.6. The Company shall have the right to check and confirm the claim of the customer directly against a competing entity offering an identical vacation for sale.
2.7. In order to avoid any doubt, an updated reservation will be granted personally to a User that proves that he/she found a website that offers a lower price, in accordance with these policies, and the User will not be permitted to transfer the reservation in return and/or exchange it with a third party.
2.8. It is noted that any mistake, uncertainty, or imprecision in the data that is transferred to the User that may lead to the invalidation of a reservation update according to the discretion of the Company and without affording the User to present a counter-claim on the matter.
3. Terms for Receiving an Updated Reservation
3.1. In order to receive an updated reservation that is synchronized with a lower price, it is incumbent upon the User to abide by the conditions specified in Paragraph 2 above as well as the entirety of the conditions listed below:
3.1.1. When the reservation process is completed via the Website, the User will receive a written declaration of proof of the reservation (Below: “written declaration of proof”);
3.1.2. Upon receiving the written declaration of proof, and not more than 24 hours after its reception, the User finds a lower price on an Israeli website (through an online reservation) and sends the Company the required details listed in Paragraph 3.1.4 below;
3.1.3. The vacation offered by a competing entity is entirely identical with the vacation that was reserved on the website, including but not limited to the following items: the same hotel, the same dates, the same composition of guests, the same basis of accommodation, and the same type of room (Above and Below: “identical vacation”);
3.1.4. The User contacts the company by e-mail to the address [email protected] and attaches and details the following information: A complete explanation of the claims of the User, including the date of purchase on the website and the date in which a lower priced vacation was found on the website of a competitor, the price of the vacation on the website, and the price of the vacation on the website of the competitor. Attachment of a file containing a screenshot displaying the offer of an identical vacation with identical conditions by a competing company; Attachment of a link to the web address in which the lower price is displayed and where an identical vacation can be reserved; The request also includes the personal details of the User and means of contacting him/her.
3.1.5. A product offered by a competing entity for sale to the general public and not within the framework of a group sale, cashback offer by a credit card company or bank (including, among others, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners, etc.), direct agreement with companies or organizations, individual discounts, coupons, or offers in which a user makes a reservation without knowing which hotel he is making a reservation to, until after the reservation has been finalized.
4. Changes
4.1. There is nothing in the above or below policies that, in any way whatsoever, commit the Company to the User if it is not explicitly referenced in the general policies above or the Terms of Service.
4.2. The conditions for cancellation via the website are subject to the policies and provisions that appear in the Terms of Service and state law.
4.3. The User declares and acknowledges that any failure and/or disruption and/or delay that arises and which is not under the control of the Company and/or Website Operator will not be considered a violation of these provisions and will not entitle him/her to any legal rights and/or legal remedy.
4.4. The Company is in no way responsible for the proper functioning of the internet and/or any other communication systems and/or faulty reception of data and/or disruption of data acquisition and/or any disruption and/or default linked to these systems, and bears no responsibility for computer or internet disruptions, disturbances, disconnections, damages, expenses, financial losses, etc., that are caused to the User either directly or indirectly.
4.5. The User will not bring any claim and/or demand and/or suit toward the Company among others, for a refund in the case that his/her reservation or additional information required in Paragraph 3.1.4 was not received by the Company or due to a malfunction and/or problem that is not under the responsibility and/or control of the company.
4.6. Company records, systems, and the systems of those who represent it, will provide the conclusive evidence for the User’s information, reservation, and submissions to the Company.
4.7. If there is suspicion that an illicit activity and/or fraud and/or improper/illegal use has been conducted when the reservation for the vacation was made on the Website and/or if the participant did not comply with the rules of this policy in full, the Company is permitted to refrain from approving the submission of the User to change his/her reservation.
5. Applicable Law
The law of the State of Israel will be applied to and be responsible for interpreting these policies, provisions, and Terms of Service. The sole jurisdiction for arbitrating disputes that may arise concerning these policies shall be the courts that are authorized by the state, which are located in the city of Tel Aviv-Yaffo.

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